About me

I am a commercial and portrait photographer with a great interest in fashion and advertising.

Having originally pursued a career as a classical musician has brought both a disciplined approach and refined sensibility to my photographic work. I developed my skills with a lot of guidance from many great photographers who were generous enough to share their experience with me. My love and appreciation for the art is always growing.

Along the way, my work has won some awards both in Australia and internationally including, controversially, 2017 Victorian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year and Portrait Photographer of the Year, which were later disqualified, but subsequently lead to a change in the rules the following year.

My greatest skills are in getting the best out of people, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera so they can truly be themselves. I believe that the art of photography lies not in the camera but in an authentic connection to the subject, whether it is fulfilling a commercial brief or a simple portrait. I love working with creative teams to realise a vision and produce images that provoke thought and inspire as well as being aesthetically satisfying.

I live in Melbourne, Australia in an old Victorian home with my wife, daughter, two rescued chickens and a cat.

For more information on my work or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer



Gold Medal Reportage 2019 World Photographic Cup
Best of Nation Award (Australia) 2019 World Photographic Cup
1 x 2019 APPA Silver Distinction Award
3 x 2019 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards


AIPP Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year Finalist
1 x 2018 APPA Gold Award
3 x 2018 APPA Silver Awards


Associate of Photography AAIPP
1 x 2017 APPA Silver Distinction Award
3 x 2017 APPA Silver Awards
3 x 2017 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award
1 x 2017 Victorian AIPP Silver Award


1 x 2016 APPA Silver Distinction Award
3 x 2016 APPA Silver Awards
1 x 2016 Victorian AIPP Gold Award
1 x 2016 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award


2 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Gold Awards
1 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award
5 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards


2014 AIPP Victorian Emerging Photographer of the Year
2014 Ian Hawthorne Award
1 x 2014 APPA Silver Distinction Award
2 x 2014 APPA Silver Awards
2 x 2014 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Awards
3 x 2014 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards


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